Hot Chocolate Kind of Week

The past two days have been a mixture of good, great, fun and sheer frustration.

Good because I have a friend on the mend from a medical issue. Great because I got to wear my favorite sweater dress and new favorite leggings today. Fun because we had a center wide celebration today.

I know I’ve said this a lot, but I genuinely like the people I work with. We rarely get to do anything where we can all interact. So today was a delightful treat.

Frustrating due to the fact I had a technical issue I could not resolve. It took two days and two companies to get a workable solution. The last person I spoke with, funny how that works, was empathetic, calming and nice. It was like talking to me on the phone. I really hope I get a survey on him because he was greatness.

So after that I decided to have some Abuelita hot cocoa made with almond milk. Make with bricks of chocolate not powder! Let me tell you how this came to be in my possession.

I was talking to a man at work about hot beverages and the subject of hot chocolate cane up. I said I really like the Abuelita cocoa, he said do you use the bricks? I said whhhaaatt?! So he explained how it was so much better than the powder. Then he brought me some! I told you I work with really great people.

When I first got it Sunday, I rushed home and made it. I was like OMG! What trick of the devil is this deliciousness?

Tonight, was rough on the phone, I decided I needed a treat. I made some more, this time I added whipped cream, keto friendly, a stick of cinnamon and dusted the top with cinnamon.

I’ll let you know just how amazing it was after I come out of my taste coma.

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