Santa Claus

Do you ever look in the mirror and think wow God does really good work? No? Yes? Only me? Alright then.

This past weekend was jam packed, by jam packed I mean I didn’t get to sit for hours and drink coffee and watch Hallmark.

Friday was spent at the dentist, first for me, which I love, yes, I love going to the dentist. I love having my teeth cleaned and my dentist is really funny and good. So I love going to see her.

Then I took Tess to the dentist after school for her cleaning. I know she has parents, but since I am off, I volunteered to take her. That way none of her parental units have to take off work plus I get to spend time with my girl.

We had a little time before the appointment so I took her to eat at McDonald’s. I know, but it has an indoor playground and it is a treat not an everyday thing. 

Then dropping her off at her dad’s (my son) in Bonham, then back home.

Here is my real question, when did it become pitch black at 5:30in the evening? When did this happen??? Seriously. All I want to do is put my pj’s on and go to sleep.

Speaking of pj’s, I bought new ones and they feel like clouds on my legs! So soft and warm, I seriously did not want to take them off and get dressed for work. 

Yesterday I headed off to Northpark mall to see my good friend, Santa Claus! Yes, I am friends with Santa, I will post a picture to prove it. I have known him for years, he and his wife are incredibly sweet. Visiting with Santa is always a good idea right before Christmas. I have been really good this year and it has been incredibly difficult, so I think I need a good present. 

Santa is from Owasso, of course, because Owasso is a magical place. It is a place that produces Santa Claus, Wonder Women, Baseball players and so much more. American Heroes are produced there as well, I know several. 

I also got to hang with my BBFF for a little, which was lovely. 

I also bought a new front door mat which lights up and plays music, it is so obnoxious! I love it!

Well that’s it for now, as usual any comments, criticisms or suggestions can be left here or sent to


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