Customer Service Gone Right and Horribly Wrong

So this past week I have had four customer service issues with 4 different companies. Two were incredible, in the sense they were greatness, two were incredible in the sense that I have never received worse customer service in my entire life. Ever.

Do I do the good or the bad first? I think I’ll go with good.

First up is Doterra, the essential oils company, I had ordered Jasmine touch oil. It is not cheap and it is amazing. I was almost out of mine so this was perfectly timed. I come home, the order is in my mailbox, I very excitedly rip open the package, this is not Jasmine I think to myself, what is this. It is lavender, I didn’t order this, and this is way cheaper than my Jasmine. I go online, look at my order, making sure it was not my mistake, it was not. I call and the woman immediately sees the issue and corrects it. Then and there, no thinking about it, no someone will get back with you. Before we were off of the phone I was getting a text with the replacement order information. Plus she said I could keep the lavender touch at no additional cost to me. Great, quick, professional.

The second was a company I cannot name yet because what I ordered is a Christmas present and I don’t want to give it away. I accidentally put the wrong zip code on my shipping address. Fat finger incident. I panic, then I take a screenshot of my order confirmation, send an email to the company and within minutes received an email that literally said, we got you. fixed. Done. You’ll get your order. What!

One of the bad customer service issues I can’t discuss. Next.

Ashley Black Fasciablaster, I know you have read about her on here. I am completely enamored with their faciablaster, I have many of their products. They are not inexpensive.

I was very excited to see their new product, a paddle blaster, it is going to bring blasting to a whole new level. I got on the wait list for the product.

On Black Friday we could order, I put my order in before I went to work that morning. I did not receive a confirmation, that was suspect, but they did charge my card. Since I have never had any issues with this company I really didn’t think twice about it. A few weeks go by, I see on Facebook many women have received theirs. So I go to the website to see if I can find any tracking information.

I put my email in and the site says they can’t find my email at all. Now mind you, I have ordered many products on this website. I was more than a little upset.

I went to contact us, I sent a message, received an automated message in return, the product will be shipped within 3 weeks of ordering. It had been well over three weeks. The missive also said to contact them via facebook. I was like um, ok, so I did and it was deleted, as I thought it would be. Next I went back to my browser history and actually found an order number. I find the order on the site and it is processing.

I found a number to call, you cannot actually speak to a human, you have to leave a message with your email address. That’s right folks, your email address.

I finally received an email from them after that message and the facebook message. It turns out it will be some mysterious date in 2019 that these will ship. And if I had questions to email this person back.

I did, I had many questions, I have not received a message back. I sent another one yesterday asking for my money back. I have given them 24 hours to respond, they have not. I will be calling my bank and filing a claim for my money back. I seriously have not had a worse experience, except for the one I cannot talk about.

That’s been my week so far, or rather couple of weeks. I hope yours is better on the customer service front than mine.

As usual any comments, questions or suggestions can be left here or sent to me at

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