Christmas 2018

Christmas has come and gone and this is the time we are supposed to contemplate the coming new year.

But I love Christmas and I am not ready to move on just yet. I know I’ve mentioned before that we celebrate as a family on Christmas Eve. It started with the four of us and has grown to include a growing family.

Every year I think to myself I’m going to decorate a tree just for me. I dream of a purple tree with silver decorations. But every year I get out the Christmas things and start pulling out all of the ornaments my children have made over the years. The ornaments that I purchased to commemorate their first Christmases.

Watching my adult children stand around the tree searching for their ornaments is worth the price of a non-purple tree. Watching them count to see how many they each have on there. Well there is nothing quite like it, my heart is made happy.

I have several favorite activities during the Christmas season, shopping with Elizabeth Anne is one, wrapping presents with Elicia is another. This year we made snowmen for the children. 5 of them. They turned out so stinking cute. I hope the kids liked them.

I love getting to shop for children, we now have a grand total of 5 to shop and wrap for. I love it.

I love Christmas dinner with all of us around the table. My children are all funny, smart and sarcastic. There is never a dull moment with them.

They also never disappoint in the gift area. They know me so well. I got a robe that feels like I’m wearing a cloud from Jeffrey and his wife Amanda. OU slippers from Alex and Elicia and new pajamas from Elizabeth Anne. I also got a vintage, framed Wonder Woman comic with a Wonder Woman painted on the glass. A Superman picture along with so many other things.

To say I am blessed with the children God chose to entrust me with is an understatement. Not due to the things they buy for me, but with their thoughtfulness and their generous souls.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and that you will have a very happy New Years.

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