Closing Out 2018

Today is New Year’s Eve 2018, as the year comes to a close I have to ask myself if I am ready for it to end. On facebook, where we all know is the litmus to humanity, everyone is like worst year ever, ready for it to end, good riddance. However, here’s the thing, always with the thing, everyone always says that about every year.

I, for one, had a fabulous 2018, sure there were pockets of non-greatness, the bout with the flu followed by food poisoning, followed by romance gone horribly wrong, but those were but glitches on the road to greatness.

I got to do three incredible things, things that were on my life bucket list, just FYI.

First was a trip to a comic-con, Wizard World in Austin, TX, with my BBFF and his GF. It was epic in nature, I do believe I can speak for the three of us when I say best time ever.

Followed closely by a lifelong dream trip to Montana, an old fashioned girls road trip. I’ll be forever grateful that my friend Shay not only said yes, but stuck to that yes and was with me on the journey.

Next up was a trip to Norman, OK for an OU Sooners football game. My friend Kristie for the win on that one, it was so much fun. I love my Sooners and they were playing her beloved Jayhawks (Kansas).

Seeing my BFF find the love of her life, then getting married to said love of her life, priceless. Seeing my BBFF find the most amazing woman I’ve ever met, priceless.

My oldest son marrying the love of his life and welcoming a life that now includes 4 more children, priceless.

Seeing another friend find her forever love of her life, priceless.

Taking part in a deliverance session, letting go of things from childhood to adulthood, priceless.

I’ve had a great 2018, I eagerly await 2019, I already have one trip on the books, a trip with my daughter. I have plans tonight, I know major shock I have plans on a New Year’s Eve night.

This is what happens when one trusts what God has planned for their life. I will make plans, I will pray to God for His continued guidance in my life, I will trust in His plan for my life.

I saw a post, once again, on Facebook, that said pick a person to pray for every single day for thirty days. Start January 1st, 2019, pray for their happiness every day. I thought, hmmm, I want to do that, but I don’t want to pray for happiness, that is fleeting, I want to pray for their soul to be at peace, for them to find great joy in their daily struggles. So I have chosen my person, I will not say who they are, I will be praying for them in a specific pinpointed way for thirty days. I will watch what happens in their life.

I think this is a good way to start 2019, oh I’ll do the usual as well, cleanse from all the bad food I’ve eaten over Christmas and clean closets, yes I have that planned. And get rid of clothes I don’t wear anymore or have never worn. So many clothes in my closet that have tags on them that have never been on my body.

I am curious, what changes has 2018 brought to your life? Was it good, was it bad, was it indifferent? Please feel free to comment here or email me at

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