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Ok, so, on Twitter, I saw that Dean Cain was going to be a guest on the Greg Gutfeld show. This is not a show I typically watch, as it comes on Saturday nights and late. Ok, 9pm, but since I have to be at work early on Sunday I am in bed earlier. Stop judging! And laughing.

So I recorded it so I could watch it after I got home from work on Sunday.

Dean never disappoints, however, one of the topics posed was a survey done by OK Cupid. An online dating site, they said more and more people are swiping left or right dependent on political views.

Then they went around to all of the guests asking if they did this. All of them were very disdainful of the online dating thing, oh I don’t do that but if I did. They had to give a disclaimer, like it was beneath them to find a mate through an app.

I found it more than a little disconcerting, as I encouraged two of my best friends to go online and find someone. They both did, they both found amazing humans, not losers who had to resort to that sort of thing.

My BBFF, his GF is literally not only beautiful, she is one of the smartest women I have met. I know she gives him a run for his money. My BFF, met a man that reminded her of her musical roots and how wonderful it is to be surrounded by music. One that is kind, caring, funny, smart and handsome. Neither of these people had to resort to online dating, but they turned to it as meeting people in this day and age is getting more and more difficult.

If you do not find the love of your life in high school, college, at work or living next door to you, then your pickings become very slim.

It left me pondering the question, how am I supposed to meet and marry Dean Cain?

Is there a chance we could meet organically and he could come to the realization I am the perfect woman for him? Sure, and I could die alone and Fat Catstard could eat my face. Same chances.

When I do decide to date, then my viable option is online, in an app. There is no shame in it, Kellie Rasberry met her husband Allen Evans in the app Bumble. If it’s good enough for Kellie Rasberry it is good enough for everyone else.

These are just a few of my thoughts, so many things in this world need the stigma lifted off of them. This is just one.

I would love to hear your thoughts, or read them as it were, you can leave a comment here or email me at

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