Anger Issues

I am very upset, I have obtained information that is so epically wrong in nature that I almost don’t have the words to properly express my utter disgust. Almost.

On the news all I am seeing is Polar Vortex, Polar Vortex, Polar Vortex, take cover people, do not go outside. I get very excited by this news, I do the weather equivalent of WebMD, Since I am a frequent visitor it has my favorite cities saved.

I click on what I think is my little part of Texas and look to my birthday, I get very excited, it says snow and rain, snow and rain people, let that sink in. I am ready to do a happy dance, then I see I have clicked on Owasso, OK, not my little part of Texas.

I click the appropriate link, 56 degrees, I don’t understand this, what is happening. The people in the Midwest are totally bogarting Polar Vortex. Selfish, that is what they are, why are they not sending it down this way? Why are they keeping all of that snowy goodness for themselves?

I have questions, I need answers, is there anyone that would care to explain themselves to me? 

This is highly upsetting and I seriously don’t know how I am going to celebrate in that kind of heat wave. In February we should be getting snow and cold, boot and sweater dress weather for my enjoyment.

If you live in one of these states I am making a formal request for you to stop being self-centered and send the cold and snow to me, here in Texas. That is all, peace, love and light to all who are going to send me what I am requesting. To the rest of you who insist on keeping this for yourselves, you will have to answer to the Empress once the takeover begins. 

Crazy words from someone who desires nothing but snow, being snow deprived makes one ramble like a madman. I should know, I’m doing it now.


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