Dean Cain’s Birthday and Angel Talk

What am I doing today you may ask, why, on Dean Cain’s birthday I am watching the pilot episode of Lois and Clark, the new Adventures of Superman. He was and remains the prettiest man I have ever seen.

As you all know in my line of work I get to speak to so many interesting people in my line of work.

As I promised in my previous post I was going to tell you about the website one of my customers told me about. It is actually his site and it is about not only him but his mother. It is, it is about how his mother started getting messages from Angels.

Some people believe that God doesn’t really send Angels but He did and He continues to do so today. The bible is clear that God does speak to us, some He gives visions, some dreams and some messages. Those are all not necessarily the same. My father for example had visions and they all came to fruition. So I firmly believe God speaks to us and He does use Angels, they are His messengers after all.

I am very interested in this site and I have even ordered their book, An Angel Told Me So by Wilma Jean Jones and Michael McAdams. I am very interested in this due to the fact that what they are saying is rooted in biblical teachings.

Check out the website, it is very interesting and I will be telling you more after I get the book and read it. I have Prime, so I’ll have it tomorrow. Will read over the weekend and tell you all about it after that.

We all ask God to wrap us in a hedge of protection, that hedge consists of warrior Angels.

I wonder if one will bring me Dean if I ask nicely?

That’s all I have for now, check out the website and let me know what you think. Watch the video of the interview with Wilma Jean, she seems very genuine and very grounded in God.

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