Juice Cleanse

So I decided to do something for me, I know, I do a lot of that, but you know, when one’s children are grown and I have no responsibilities besides myself, it’s all about me.

I decided to do a juice cleanse, my stomach was hurting with the protein drinks I was consuming, I have tried several different ones, the same issue. They are all plant based and organic, still pain. When I stopped drinking them I have no pain, but really bad heartburn and acid reflux, usually sugar causes that, but I have had no sugar, I have been on Keto. So I made the decision to do a complete juice cleanse.

I have been hearing about this particular one for quite a while on the radio. The morning show that I listen to, Kidd Kraddick in the Morning, Jenna Owens and Jsi, they both talk about this one.

Squeezed online is the one they talk about and the one I went with. They have great review, I decided to do the 7 day one, it is ambitious, to say the least. It is all juices, no coffee, no food, just the juices they provide.

I took the plunge, I ordered what the site recommended, they were having a 30% off sale on all of their juices, so it was a great time to do this. It’s not cheap, not for the faint of heart. Today is day one, I am on the afternoon snack one as I type this.

I did have them change out one of the snacks for one that is spicy. I admit, it was almost too much, but I persevered and drank it. The lunch one had romaine in it, that was not good. But I persevered.

No coffee means caffeine headaches, when I felt it coming on today I grabbed the Excedrine for Migraine, it took it out immediately. I am not going to suffer in that way for this cleanse.

I had very little energy this morning, but now it is picking up. You drink 5 juices a day and they have one cashew milk for the day as well. That is for protein and energy, I have drank about a fourth of the one for today so far.

The one for the evening meal is charcoal, I’ll update you on that one after I have it. Right now I am on the afternoon snack one.

On another note, I received the book I told you about in the previous post. I haven’t started it yet, as I was focused on the cleanse, I will read it tonight. I am very excited to read it, I do believe God talks to us and I do believe He uses His messengers to do so. I’ll update you on that as well after I have read it.

Other than that, it is a very drama free life I live, I am re-watching Chuck for the third time, no judgement, it is just so good.

More updates on the juice cleanse and the book as I go along. The website, in case you are interested is www.squeezedonline.com, they have a lot of good info and different cleanses on there.

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