Happy Birthday Jeffrey Andrew

On this day in 1985 something amazing occurred. Amazing and scary, Jeffrey Andrew made his appearance.

What an incredible thing, God entrusted me with this beautiful baby boy. Who was immediately placed in the NICU. He was born with water on his lungs. The doctor told me if they had waited closer to his due date that wouldn’t have happened. But back then if you were having a scheduled C-Section they took the baby two weeks early.

He was there 6 days, one doctor told me that he would never be normal. He would always have breathing problems and would never play sports. Boy was he wrong about that.

Jeffrey you are the best son a mom could ask for. I know I say this a lot but I really am proud of the man you grew up to be.

You’re an amazing father to Tessa and a good example of a man stepping up to the plate with another’s children. Marrying a woman with 4 children of her own and treating them with love and caring. I’m so proud of you, I love you so much and love that I get to see all of this transpire in your life.

You came into our lives at exactly the right time, you were always an old soul.

I’ll tell one childhood story then I’ll stop.

You were three years old, it was before Elizabeth Anne was born, we were driving home from Mother’s Day Out.

You said I miss Jesus. I said well son he’s always with us in our hearts and in our lives. You said no, I mean from before. When I was in heaven before I got here. I miss him playing ball with me.

I almost drove off of the road. I love you dearly I hope your day is awesome and amazing just like you are.

Love, mom.

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