Day 1

So today is day one of my two week 500 calories a day reset. Before you gasp in total disbelief, this gives the body a chance to reset and I will also make sure I get a minimum of 50 grams of protein a day. I decided to go with Flowsupps for my protein, it is all natural and organic. With only one gum in it, the rest had a ton in theirs.

I did it first this morning in my ninja and it was gritty, so for lunch I did it in the bullet, so much better and smoother. For lunch I adde 1/2 cup of strawberries for vitamin c and added fiber. I am also taking supplements, I have no doubt I will come out the other side healthier and with my metabolism in kickstart mode.

I’m not worried about my mood on this diet, if I do become hangry (for those of you that do not know that is when you are so hungry you become angry), I am however a little concerned about those around me.

I have found a low acid coffee, Black Riffle Coffee makes one called Smooth Silencer. I have ordered some, I’ll keep you updated. Can you imagine coffee in my protein drink? Awesomeness would ensue.

So far today I have done 105 squats, laundry and ran around the block. I have a lot of energy not being weighed down with food.

On another note, I have found something Dean Cain and I disagree about, yes, I know, I thought it was impossible as well.

To be honest there are several things we disagree with, I am vehemently pro-life. He is pro-choice, also he was not overly fond of Avengers: Endgame, which I loved, I have now seen it a total of 6 times and I still tear up when Tom Holland comes into view and when we hear Sam’s voice say on your left. Just typing that out I get goosebumps, I loved it so much.

I don’t believe these are deal breakers, it only gives us room for lively debates. I do love a rousing debate, people today have lost that ability. How do we get that back? Hard to say, perhaps schools should start teaching it, if they are not, along with a civics class, teach them we are a Constitutional Republic, teach them cursive so they can read our historic documents. The ones written by our founding fathers, I did read somewhere that schools are staring to incorporate that into their curriculums.

Since ending a third round of Chuck I have decided to go back and rewatch Stargate SG-1, I loved that series so much, what a concept. That our ancestors were visited by aliens and we defeated them in ancient Egypt.

I really love anything with Star in the name, Star Trek (ultimate favorite) Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, you get the idea.

I grew up in a magical time, where geekiness and nerdiness was on the rise and there were amazing television shows and movies to feed the imagination. Throw comic books in there and well you come up with an Angie.

I hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend and pray for those around me while I go through this trial.

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