Update on Diet and Coffee Situation

On Saturday I started the HCG diet, which is 500 calories a day. I am making it 600 that way I get 89 to 93 grams of protein a day.

I decided to try Flowsupps for my protein, the ingredients were the most natural I’ve seen in a powder protein. I have been having issues with proteins making my stomach hurt. Which was one of the reasons I did the juice cleanse. I needed to get all of that out of my system and start over.

So far my stomach has not hurt at all and the flavor is good, no aftertaste, which is nice. I did find it blends better in my nutribullet as opposed to my ninja. In the mornings I add collagen powder to it. In the afternoon I go between PB2 powder and strawberries. For lunch I am doing one pre-made protein drink.

The only time I have felt real hunger was at work. Someone had lasagna and I could feel the garlic. In my soul. Then someone made popcorn. It was slightly burnt. I love slightly burnt popcorn. I found myself whining to my BBFF. Who replied Dean Cain. Goals back in focus I persevered.

I have ordered and received Black Riffle coffees Smooth Silencer, it is a low acidic coffee. I will be trying it Saturday. Never try new things on a work day.

I have also been doing a squats challenge, I added a kettlebell. Today was 140. I am very literally in, well, hell.

This morning on my way to work an unbidden thought popped into my head. A woman I used to work with made the most amazing banana pudding. It was all homemade, it was so amazing you just wanted to dive in. Wallow around for a while and then swim your way out. I almost passed out thinking about it. I was deleterious, I could smell it. I think I may be losing my mind a little.

I wonder how long I can keep this up. We’ll see. Pray for me.

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