Car Trouble

So my weekend started on Friday, when it normally starts on Thursday. This is the price I paid for a 4 day weekend. I had a one day weekend.

Friday after work I drive to pick up Tess, not from school but from her mom’s house. Instead of family dinner I drove her to Jeffrey’s house. The upside is I got to spend a little time with her.

I get home and try to get out of my car, my door wouldn’t open! It had opened fine at my sons house. Now I can’t get out of the car. I am completely panic stricken.

It is important to note up to this point in the day I had only had 300 calories. I think to myself I’m going to have climb out of the passenger side. So I do, and I am in a total panic mode. I have a wedding to go to Saturday evening. I cannot climb out of my car at a wedding, in a dress. I am ready to cry.

I make myself a delicious Flowsupps protein smoothie and start researching my car issue. Apparently it is pretty common problem, I order the part and text my son. It will be fixed this week as soon as the part comes in. As the nutrients get to my brain I think to myself why didn’t I just roll the car window sown and open the door with the outside door handle?

Thought process is a beautiful thing. I was able to go to my friends wedding and celebrate her day. More on that tomorrow. I’m exhausted. I am going to sleep. A one day weekend goes by fast.

Peace out peeps. May your week be awesome!

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