The Wedding

When my friend Kimmy called to tell me she was getting married she also told me she and her fiancé were not going to have a wedding. I was aghast. I said no! You have to let us celebrate you!

Please allow me to tell you a little about my friend Kimmy. First of all I’m the only one that gets to call her that. My full nickname for her I Kimmy Kim Kim, and yes that is how she is listed in my phone.

We have known each other for years, many years, it wasn’t until we both worked in the internet department that we became good friends.

Kimmy has a spirit that reminds me of my mom. She is gentle in nature and has a huge heart.

She and I have a lot in common as well, when she became a single mom she dedicated her life to raising her son. The way I dedicated my life to raising my children when I became a single mom.

She waited until he was an adult, in college, before she dated and became engaged. I’m still waiting for Dean Cain. Did I mention she was also a big Dean fan? Her being married eliminates one of the competition. 🤓🤷🏻‍♀️

I’m super happy (see what I did there) she met the love of her life, she looked so happy marrying the love of her life.

Her son gave her away, which is the point I completely lost it and started crying. Thank goodness for Chanel mascara. When the minister said who gives this woman in marriage and he said “I do” then he leaned down and kissed his mother on the cheek. It was the sweetest moment and said volumes about their relationship as mother and son.

Her groom looked at her the way all grooms should look at their brides walking down the aisle.

I am beyond grateful she invited me to witness her happiness.

Kimmy and Trialus I pray God rains his blessings down on your household!

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