Big Hair and Sleep Pants

I love going to health food stores, GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, places like that. I love getting my snacks from The Vitamin Shoppe, they have the best protein almonds and chips. Having said that I am going to tell you when not to buy something, when you ask if they have tried a certain protein bar and they tell you yes, you ask how it tastes and they hesitate a full 5 seconds, then say interesting.

Never buy that product, it is made by minions of satan, literally the worst thing I have put in my mouth. And it was a flavor I love, chocolate mint! And it was hideous, so there, I took a hit for all of us, never buy anything to eat when the worker at the store says it is interesting.

It’s not easy eating clean and staying Keto, but I persevere. On an upbeat note Legendary foods are amazing products. I am currently addicted to their Pecan Pie almond butter. It is so good, no embellishment needed, it is like a party in ones mouth.

Speaking of health things, the vitamin D3 has been a miracle, I literally have no more joint pain in my left shoulder, it has been there for several years. None, all gone. I bought these sleep pants, I know you are thinking, um pajamas, no, these are compression sleep pants. They are supposed to improve circulation in your legs while you sleep. My hip flexor pain is almost completely gone, these are amazing. I found them on Facebook, I highly recommend them. I have 4 pairs now and if I don’t wear them I miss them. So much health going on here, it is disgusting.

The weather here is weird, usually this is my good hair time. Not this year! It is humid, with mild temperatures, my hair is huge! Pray for my hair, I know things are bigger in Texas but this is ridiculous. I hope Dean likes curly hair.

On another note I am still loving Disney +, I do wish they were faster with the Mandalorian episodes, so far only two. However I am finding so many other things to watch, it is so much fun reliving childhood favorites. Do you have any Disney favorites that would make you want to purchase this streaming service? I find I am reliving my childhood and my early momhood, watching things I watched with my children. It is glorious.

Also I have my ugly Christmas outfit picked out. Last year I won the competition at work. I’m working on two years in a row! I’ll add a picture of last year’s winner.

As usual any questions, comments or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at

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