Coffee Fueled Ramblings

With Steve Rogers going back in time at the end of Endgame shouldn’t Agent Carter get a revisit? What a great show with only two seasons, ABC you missed the mark canceling that one. I know I’m late with this and it has been over for several years, but with the release of Disney+ I find renewed passion for the show.

Last night I was treated to dinner at my oldest son’s home, homemade hamburgers and sweet potato tater tots. Not to mention good company and being regaled with stories from children. I also played games with a very lively 5 year old, I think he cheats, I warned him I cheat at Candy Land and Monopoly, but I think he’s better at it than I am. So much fun!

When I picked Tess up from school yesterday her mom sent me a text and asked me to call her and put her on speaker phone. Of course I obliged, she then told Tessa that she had received a call from her history teacher. He said that Tess was a born leader and he has started calling her Madam President. He said the other children in the class look to her for leadership and she is his favorite student in that class. In a class of 30 kids she stands out, I am so proud of her!

Sometimes I am overwhelmed with humility to think that God chose me to be the mother and grandmother of such great humans.

This mornings ramblings are brought to you by coffee, one half Black Riffle Smooth Silencer and one half Godiva Caramel. So good, I wish Godiva still made the Creme  Brûlée but they have apparently stopped making that particular flavor.

I love creme brûlée, unfortunately for me, so many calories and so much sugar, but the coffee was heavenly and had no sugar or calories. If anyone knows someone at Godiva that has influence tell them of my plight and disappointment.

Last night when I got home 20/20 was on, does anyone remember when that used to be a real news show? I used to watch it growing up and I loved it, Hugh Downs was excellent, now it is a true crime show.

I miss real news shows and real news anchors, I know I have said this before, I’m not senile, but I really miss Walter Cronkite. There was something comforting in his sign-off, I am all for bringing back real newscasters, now we have people who insinuate themselves in the story and put their own spin on it. Ridiculous, tell me what happened and I will form my own opinion about, well, everything.

Dean would make a great newscaster, have you ever noticed they all have great hair. He has great hair, and he’s literally the prettiest man alive. Even in person! Why yes, I will be telling everyone that I met him and he was even better looking in person.

Back to Peggy Carter, the show was smart, funny, action packed, well written, directed and acted. Not to mention the costuming was pitch perfect for the time period. It was killed off way too soon and there was no closure, Hayley Atwell deserves better. We, the fans, deserve better, Captain America deserves better, let’s just say it, America deserves better. I may have had a little bit of coffee (a whole pot is not too much right?), for cognizant thinking.

I’m going to go now because I am rambling and I have things to do, I bought a new Christmas Tree and I want to get the living room Christmas ready.

Have a great Saturday, as usual, any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at

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