Inappropriately Aged

Ok, so, a few weeks ago I was reading Hollywood gossip, which is fun, right, we get a peek into a world most of us will never get to live. When one of the stories say a 65 year old actor is now engaged to a 26 year old college student.

She is younger than his child, I had no words, so I immediately rant to BBFF, who says Angie this an actor, then silence and the I can see how this could be upsetting because that is your target.

This is the reason, one of the reasons, I don’t date, men in my age range, no matter their socioeconomic status, want young girls.

I will be honest I have my share of younger men that hit on me, I say no because number one I refuse to date anyone I could have given birth to.  And b. I don’t want to have to explain any of my pop culture references, lastly I’m not going to take care of anyone and raise them. I already did my job, raising three amazing humans and I don’t have the wherewithal to raise anyone else. I’ve done my job, it’s done, I’ve earned the right to sit on laurels, because they all turned out so well.

So here I sit, sliding fast into my dotage, with a cat and a dog because I chose this life. I’m good with it, I refuse to date not in my age range, either side of it, and there is no one in my age range to date.

So there you have it folks, the unadulterated opinion of a way much older man engaged to a woman that in all honesty could be his granddaughter. I know Hugh Hefner did it, he was married to a woman that could have been his great-granddaughter, this does not make it ok.

We all know why she is with him, especially after learning she is currently working towards her Ph.D. in accounting. Smart girl, she’s going to need that degree a few years from now. Ironclad prenups are not what they used to be, loopholes are there.

If I sound bitter, I’m not, I’m a realist, I know I don’t sound it at times (Dean) but I am. I know what my limitations in real life are, I really have no illusions about who or what I am.

When men grow older society says they are distinguished, when women grow older they are just old. Or referred to as hags, crones, witches or just ignored. Forgotten, if they are in the movies or on television they normally turn to plastic surgery, botox or any number of beauty treatments that the average person can’t afford.

I admit I do take care of my skin, I do a lot to stave off wrinkles and saggy skin. I do think I look amazing at 55, for an average woman, not one that can afford the really good plastic surgeons. I have nothing against plastic surgery, maybe I am a little green that I really can’t afford the good surgeon. Best advice I have had was Jenna Owens saying don’t get botox off of Groupon. So I won’t be doing that either.

65 and 26, I just can’t let that go, its crazy! When did this become acceptable? Ok, the beginning of time, I know, men always go after the younger.

I still say I wasted my 40’s on someone who didn’t appreciate anything I was or did. That was my fault, I have no one to blame but me, I have to look at it this way God will use what I went through one day. I may not even know how He uses it or who He uses it with. So maybe not wasted time, maybe it was useful, maybe I was there for another purpose. Interesting, I should stop looking at it as wasted time, I should look at it as a learning experience.

I love how I do my own therapy here, you all pay the price, reading complete nonsense. I love you all for it, thank you, especially the Japanese readers. I have a lot of hits from Japan and China, I’d love to know if anyone gets anything from my ramblings.

On another note, I highly recommend Dollface on Hulu, so good, funny, smart and complete escapism. Kat Dennings is, well, herself, it is really good.

Right now I am watching Brittany Runs a Marathon, inspiring, it makes me want to run one. Not really, I’m never going to run 26 miles, like ever.

But I will watch someone else doing it, that’s all I have for now, I have things to do today, to accomplish. Maybe, I’m undecided if I am actually going to do any of them.

As usual any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to

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