I am semi-rested up from my vacation, and here I am, writing. This is my outlet, it is my world, it is how I get everything out that is in my brain. Almost everything, some things do not get such an outlet, they should be kept to myself.

I have found, as I grow, um, not older, seasoned, yes, that’s it, seasoned. That I do not need to spew every thought that comes unbidden in my brain, my very overactive brain.

But there is something that really irritates me, so you shall get to read all about it here. My pet peeve of the week is unnecessary panicking, over things we cannot control.

Yes, I am talking about the latest threat to humanity, shows being cancelled out of the blue. Shows that we love, ok, I love, I am talking about the Magicians ending after season 5.

What is that all about? How is this ok? Who or what, can we protest to get this reversed? This is the Dollhouse, Serenity, Angel, Buffy, Lois and Clark and Chuck debacle all over again.

Gone too soon, it is a recurring theme in my television watching obsessions, get attached and the television executives yank it away.

How can they do this to me? How will I get my Margo and Elliot fix? I love Margo, she is so delightfully honest. She reminds me of someone, I can’t put my finger on it, oh yes, me. She reminds me of me, personality wise, Summer Bishil, the actress that gives her life, is beyond beautiful.

She has given life to the only character that equals Cordelia Chase, she is fully aware of who she is and what she can accomplish. She does it, with sass, honesty and some things that can’t be mentioned here. I love the character, she is scary at times, she is intense and can be brutal. I’ll miss her to say the least, please SyFy, don’t take her away from me!

Seriously, who do I have to bribe to get them to leave my show on the air? Ok, let’s be honest, I probably don’t have enough money for that. Is there anything else? Think people!

There it is, my sadness, my frustration, my anger all rolled into one.

Is there any television show that you miss and think ended too soon? I’d love to know!

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