Total Disgust

Just so you know, I listen to a lot of the Dateline podcasts. I listened to one that made me completely disgusted. Not with the perpetrator of the crime, but with the mother of the victim.

Ok, so the victim was the son, he was getting married and asked his mother for a ring his dad gave her. She said oh I gave that to your sister. She’s on vacation I have the key to her house. I’ll just go over and take it from her and you can have it.

What the heck! Who does that? What kind of mother does something of this nature??? To add insult to injury the son just wanted the diamonds out of the ring. So he replaces them with cubic zirconia and says oh sis will never notice. She does.

Chris Matthews interviewed the mom and asked if she regretted doing such a thing. Nope. No regrets at all. Of course it caused a huge rift in the brother/sister relationship. Mother didn’t care. She even told the police her daughter probably killed her brother. What!!! Are you kidding me?? Completely shut her daughter out at the funeral. Wouldn’t even look at her. Turns out her perfect son was dealing illegal steroids. His business partner killed him and his wife.

Mother has no regrets her son died before he and his sister could make up. None.

She is literally the most odious woman alive, what kind of mother goes into her daughters home and takes her things.

Once you give something to someone as a gift it is no longer yours. It belongs to them, the mother is a thief, I want the daughter to press charges. I hope her daughter has a dozen kids and never lets her mother around them. What a horrible human.

I’m not a perfect mother, but that is something I would never do. If one of my children wanted something I had given another. I would tell them they needed to speak to their sibling about that. I would be totally out of that conversation.

On an up note, Tess and I went to the movies yesterday evening and saw Onward. Excellent movie, it was so much fun, then we came back to my house and she wanted to watch Revenge of the Sith.

So a perfect evening, this morning was blue pancakes with green swirls. All in all a really good weekend.

I saw Austin, TX cancelled SxSW, I’m going to be really angry if the Dallas Con is cancelled.

That’s all I have for now folks, I hope your weekend is amazing.

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