The Rookie and some Eggplant Parmesan

I’m sitting here catching up on my Sunday night television, watching The Rookie and who do I spy, Harry Tang! From Chuck! Love it when the actors from a favorite show pop up on another show I like.

I will watch anything Nathan Fillion is in, I have loved him since his Joey Buchanan days on One Life to Live. My favorite roles he has played would have to be Mal, the Preacher and Castle, Officer Nolan is still growing on me.

This episode had Pete Davidson on it, I am not a huge fan, granted his humor and comedy is geared toward a younger audience. I really enjoyed his acting in this episode, I hope he does more roles like this one.

A friend of mine always says she can see me with a Nathan Fillion type over a Dean Cain type. I say she’s crazy but she says my humor matches NF more. Of course that is only based on what these famous people let us see of them. Never forget, we don’t really know them, we only know what they allow. Which is a good thing. People need to keep part of their souls to themselves. Can you imaging giving every single part of who you are to the general public? I can’t.

On a food note, I have been craving eggplant Parmesan for the longest time. I do low carb, dirty keto, so the real thing was out of the question. I looked up a recipe online and decided to make it. Then I came home from work yesterday and decided to improvise because I was tired. Spring forward, oxymoron. Spring exhausted. Anyway, I sliced up the eggplant and then layered it with sauce and mozzarella and topped it with Parmesan. It was so good! I used Rao sauce, it is the lowest in added sugars. I’ll be making it again, super easy, low carbs, tasty and healthy. A giant win all the way around.

Ok the countdown is on for the Dallas Fan Expo and seeing DC again and Terri Hatcher for the first time. Wash your hands people, I will not allow some pandemic to come between me and my fun.

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