Stop the Madness

Let’s talk insanity shall we, I’m not referring to Joker type insanity or even Harley Quinn insanity. I am talking about the insanity of wide spread mass media induced psychosis. 

I have so many questions, why are people just now discovering the simple act of washing one’s hands? Or the use of toilet paper? What has been happening before now? Why are people insisting on stocking up on these items? And bottled water? Stop it! This is crazy at a level I have never seen, ever, in 56 years. 

Oh and while we are at it, stop making your own hand sanitizer, there has been a run on rubbing alcohol. I have never seen that disappear from store shelves. I wouldn’t have noticed that except a coworker was saying how she had been to 5 stores and couldn’t find any. Her daughter fell and cut her knee and she wanted to put rubbing alcohol on it to kill any bacteria that might be there.

That is crazy, why are people bogarting rubbing alcohol? Now people who really need it can’t find it. Insanity. I even looked at Target yesterday and people had cleared out their supply of rubbing alcohol. I had looked because I thought surely Target shoppers aren’t lemmings, but I was wrong. I was going to pick a bottle up for my coworker so she could take care of her daughter. 

I will tell you I am a little apprehensive, because I need to go to Costco this weekend and get bottled water, I am down to 4 bottles and I like to grab one on my way out. I am hoping they have that, I also need to get a few other things but they are not apocalypse type items. 

Just so you all understand, what is happening now, this is why we can’t know aliens exist. If you people cannot handle something like this, how do you expect to handle Vulcans? This is why we cannot be told what is really being held in Area 51. This is why I can’t meet Superman, because what self-respecting Kryptonian would reveal himself to the human population? No way would I reveal that about myself to this world, they can’t even handle a virus!

What is the deal with the toilet paper? I keep coming back to that because I am very confused. Are people expecting something I am not aware of? They bought toilet paper and didn’t get Imodium? Think people, stop watching CNN, MSNBC or any of the news channels, think for yourself, use some common sense. For goodness sake, wash your hands, and continue to do so after this whole thing has passed. Don’t make this a one off. 

If the Dallas Fan Expo gets cancelled because of all of you, I am never, ever, going to let you forget it. Ever.

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