Friday the 13th

Ok, so, I have a plant that has been in my possession since 1984. That’s a long time and it is a very hardy plant, thank goodness, because the plant itself represents something that happened in my life that I would never wish on any parent.

It is a plant that was sent to my son’s, Michael, funeral, I have kept it all of these years. More importantly, I have kept it alive all of these years. Through the many moves, two across country, and through all of my forgetfulness in watering it.

I have even given other people plants from cuttings from this thing. I have given all of my children one, one survived and two died, the plants, not the children. So now I am in the process of replacing the two that died, once again, plant, not children.

The plant represents Michael to me, silly, I know, but it does and I hope it lasts until I join him.

Today is Friday the 13th, which is a special day in my family, not this day particularly, but Friday the 13th’s in general. My parents were married on a Friday the 13th and were married 59 years when my dad passed. So we celebrate all Friday the 13th’s that come our way. It is a good luck day for us, not that I believe in luck, I don’t, I believe in blessings.

There are certain things I am blessed with right now, amazing children, amazing daughter-in-laws, amazing granddaughter, amazing bonus grandchildren, amazing extended family and amazing friends. I don’t need luck, I have Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit, let’s just round that out with the trinity.

As we go through this uncertain time in our history I pray everyone takes the necessary precautions to protect themselves and their families. I still say stop stocking up on toilet paper, I am seeing way too many posts where people who actually need it can’t find it. And on garage sale pages on facebook, way too many people selling it for inflated prices. I stand by my statement that this is the exact reason we can’t know about the aliens. It’s the people that are stockpiling every day items that we all use. Let’s face it, we ALL use toilet paper, and if you have not been using it before now, well, I hope I don’t personally know you.

And stop stockpiling hand sanitizer, those who need it, once again, our vulnerable people, elderly, people who have chronic conditions or medical conditions who cannot afford to catch anything, need these items. Stop taking all of the rubbing alcohol, there are people with children who get scrapes and cuts who need this item.

I completely stand by my statement, it is sheer insanity for the majority of the population to lose their collective minds. Cancelling school? Cancelling major events? Cancelling in country travel? It is insane when you think about how many people the actual flu kills and how many people get that.

Let me ask you this, how many were concerned about the flu? Pneumonia? Bronchitis? You all should have been taking certain precautions way before now. I do know a person that has been taking precautions with these things before now. But in all honesty I haven’t seen any posts from anyone regarding these things before this current health scare. No one talking about how everyone in the office has the flu, or something similar, the exception of me. I still need to find patient zero that got me sick last month. Especially considering it was right before my birthday, and yes, I wash my hands religiously. I am always wiping down my work space with Clorox wipes, that I supply myself. When someone one coughs I have been known to spay lysol.

I will say I have a really hearty health system, it is pretty rare for me to get sick, when I do, I am a baby. But I am a baby at home, alone, with the cat and dog, no one to witness my whining and complaining.

I shall continue to wash my hands and use my Clorox wipes and go out in public. Today I have plans to go to the beauty salon and have my hair done, I may go get a pedicure as well.

I refuse to allow this thing to keep me from spending money in my community. I have a feeling these places will need it if this thing continues for any length of time.

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