Day 3 Working from Home Adventure

For those of you that are curious, I did put my chair together. Only one mishap with one of that arms and that was quickly corrected.

I have some semblance to a routine going, wake up, brush my teeth, warm lemon water then work. On my first break I put my workout clothes on. When it’s lunchtime I take Storm for a walk then make lunch. Today I made the best lunch ever! I have some keto friendly bread, I made avocado toast with an egg on top! I also used everything but the bagel seasoning. That filled me up all day. Then my second break I usually start laundry and clean the kitchen. Then work to the end of the day.

I am thinking of working overtime next week. We’ll see.

I am beginning to miss human contact, tomorrow I venture out to the store. I am in need of lightbulbs and more avocados. I will more than likely go to the local grocery store here in my town. I really want to go to target but feel the need to stay local and spend my money in my town.

One of the saddest things I’ve seen during this time is the older gentleman that lives down the street from me. Every day after school he stands on his driveway and waves to the school children walking by. Since the school closed I see him sitting I. A lawn chair in his driveway looking sad. I can’t even go up and visit with him. That made me sad.

I hope everyone is making the best of their exiled lives. I fully believe without a doubt we will be back to our own normals soon.

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