Day 4 Venturing Out

Today is one of my normal off days, I decided to go to the store as I need supplies. I decided on Target because, well I love Target.

I didn’t go to my normal one, I went to one closer to where I am. They had bison! I’m so happy! I have a hard time digesting ground beef, ground bison is easier for me to digest.

I also found my Amy’s soup, eggplant and they had plenty of milk products (cow, almond, cashew, coconut) and cheeses. Strangely no sour cream and no cottage cheese. I find it completely fascinating what is being cleaned out at the grocery stores.

I didn’t check the frozen aisle as I didn’t need anything. I did check the toilet paper aisle, completely empty. Personal hygiene products overflowing.

I do have a few suggestions for keeping sane while in semi-quarantine. Keep a routine, shower, put on real clothes at least once a week. Even if you live alone, don’t get lazy about showering and washing your hair! Start your car and drive it a few miles every couple of days. Your car needs that, you will thank me later if you do that.

Check on your friends, especially those who seem a little stressed on social media. Check on the ones that work in essential occupations. There are many, telecommunications workers, mechanics, grocery workers, truckers, farmers, medical fields, police departments, military personnel and all of their families.

I am loving working from home, I hope after this is all over they company I work for sees the advantages of us working from home. Fingers crossed! Seeing all of my coworkers online in our company chat rooms gives me a sense they are right there.

Social media gives me a link to my friends and family. I hope you are all doing well and keeping sane during this time.

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