Weekend in Captivity

Since today is my last day of my weekend I decided to actually be productive around the house.

I cleaned out the spare room and set up my makeshift office. Since I am now a WFH person and am likely to be for the foreseeable future, I needed to reclaim my living room.

Luckily for me the equipment my office gave me to bring home is wireless. I’ll wait to see if I need to buy a desk. I have everything set up on my card table. I don’t want to invest anything else until I see where this is going.

I watched all of The Tiger King on Netflix, that was a wild ride. I had no idea this guy existed in Oklahoma. What a character, when you watch it, please remember he does not represent the part of Oklahoma I hail from.

I also finished the season of Picard. If you are a Star Trek fan I highly recommend it. Very enjoyable and thought provoking. As most Star Trek shows are, I am not ashamed to say I’m a Trekker.

This is a sad weekend, it is the weekend I was supposed to have seen Dean Cain again. I’ve always had bad timing, I suppose I shall take my disappointment and go read a book. That’s what I usually do when I need an escapism. I choose to go to a different world, a different place, a different time. Sometimes a whole different world.

What do you do when you want to escape the realities of your life?

I do pray everyone is safe and well.

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