Unpopular Opinions Television Edition

Someone on Facebook, I want to say my friend Steve but I may be wrong, posted their unpopular opinion on things he doesn’t watch and a lot of other people do. I was inspired to do my own list. Here goes, things on tv I abhor and the majority of the population loves:

1. The bachelor and bachelorette, these are very literally the worst shows on television today. Please tell me what self respecting woman vies for the attention of a man dating multiple women at the same time, claiming he has to make out with all of them to figure out if he wants to give a ring to one?? And vice versa, just stop, it’s insane and gross. I’m hugely surprised no one has caught a disease yet.

2. Dancing with the stars, I’ve often said I’m so glad Dean Cain has never done this show. It would force me to watch it. Although I never saw the dating one he did. I’m still mad about that one, not that he did it, that I wasn’t a contestant.

4. The masked singer, American idol and the voice.

5. All sports on tv. Especially soccer. So boring. I do enjoy football, basketball, baseball and hockey in person. Never on television. Not even soccer in person. Paint drying is way more compelling than soccer.

6. WWE, I do love Dwayne Johnson, but not wrestling.

That’s it, my unpopular opinions on television shows that everyone seems to love.

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