The Cowboy Way

I think the one thing I miss the most with this whole not leaving the house thing is being able to tell stories. Stories about my people, so I made a decision, I am going to tell them here. Today I am going to tell you one about my Great-Grandpa, he was my grandpa and my dad’s dad. I was adopted by my great aunt and uncle, so it gets a little convoluted. The grandparents I talk about are my real grandparents on my birth mothers side. So here goes, a story my dad and grandpa used to tell me about their dad:

He was a cowboy, a real one, that rode the trail between Dodge City and Abilene. During one of those times the crew lost their cook, now this was a big deal, not just anyone could crank out edible meals on the trail. So the foreman decides they are going to take turns, he assigns one man and says the next in line will be the first to complain.

No one complained because no one wanted to be the cook. Well, the old boy (my grandpa and dad’s words) who was doing the cooking got tired of it and decided to create the most inedible meal he could come up with.

He dumped a ton of salt in the beans, that evening they are all sitting around the campfire trying to get this down. One man says this is sure salty, everyone looked at him, he continues, just the way I like it and adds more salt to the beans. The pretend cook was so angry his face turned red, then came dessert, he made a rhubarb pie, with no sugar. I don’t know if any of you have ever had rhubarb, but without sugar it is the most sour thing on earth. They take big bites and as my grandpa related it puckered their whole body. One of the old boys says this is perfect, everyone looks at him, he then walks over to the sugar and says this way we can each make it as sweet as we want.

The cook stomped off spittin’ mad! They hired a new cook at the next town.

I loved that story growing up, I loved that we were part Cowboy. I used to tell my kids that we were part Cowboy like it was a nationality.

That’s my story of the day, I hope everyone is have a great day in quarantine. I went to Costco and Target yesterday, that was an adventure.

People really are not exhibiting common courtesy, in Costco two people cut in line in front of me. One was an older woman, I let that one go, the other was one in roughly mid-thirties. That one I did not let go, I said hey excuse me, she turned around, I said I am literally standing here and you cut in front of me. I was observing the 6 feet rule and she just went in that space.

She then pretended not to speak English, I was flabbergasted, I would have continued but I realized if I did I was going to end up on a youtube video.

But seriously, don’t do this people, this is a really dangerous time to act like jackasses in grocery stores.

Yesterday was Good Friday, a day we take to acknowledge and give thanks that Christ gave up His life on earth so we could have everlasting life in heaven. Tomorrow we celebrate His resurrection, what a strange day it will be. No Easter dresses, no egg hunts, stripped bare of our trappings, we will have no excuses not to focus on the extreme gift God gave to us.

I miss my granddaughter, Good Friday is our day together and we do something fun. Next year we will have to make up for not being together this year.

Check on your friends that are grandparents, we are not ok.

I hope you all have a great Easter weekend, if you are in your home with loved ones, I pray you thank God profusely for that blessing.

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