The Snake vs The Dad

The story I am going to tell you today comes from my memories, it is about my mom and dad. I must give you some backstory first. I grew up in the country, outside of Owasso. We had what is called bottom land, it is land that is low-lying land that has water running through it and is very fertile.

Our garden was huge, it was the size of my whole lot that my house sits on. My dad was quite the jokester, that is important as well. He was funny and love joking and playing jokes, good natured ones, not mean spirited ones.

Well one day my mom and dad were taking a walk down to the garden. The path was narrow so my dad was walking in front of my mom.

They were walking in front of the fruit trees getting ready to cross the bridge to the garden.

My mom looks down and spots what she thinks is a rubber snake. She thinks to herself daddio thinks he’s funny, I’ll show him. She picks it up and flings it at him, as it is flying through the air she realizes it is not rubber, it is real!

It hits my dad and falls to the ground stunned, my dad is stunned as well.

The snake actually slithered off, I think it was so stunned it didn’t know what to do, it just wanted to escape the crazy humans!

My poor mother was completely horrified, my dad said why did you do that??

She explains she thought it was a fake snake and he had thrown it first. He laughed so hard, he thought it was hysterical, she thought it was horrifying.

After that, for years, any time they disagreed my dad would say do you remember when you threw the snake at me? He won many arguments for many years on that one.

So my dog is doing something weird, she typically will lay in bed with me until I turn the light off and then go to the floor. Huskies love to sleep on the floor, especially tile or wood.

For the past three nights she has slept on the bed all night. Very strange, I hope she is not conspiring with Fat Catstard, I like my face.

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