I love television, scripted shows to be exact, I have an affinity for them. With all of the streaming services I have many to choose from. We are living in the time of television nerd nirvana.

There are certain actors and actresses that I will watch almost all of the shows they are in.

Kyle Chandler is one of those, I first discovered him in Early Edition. If you are not familiar with that show I highly recommend it. It is a feel good show that never disappoints.

This past week I discovered a show I had never heard of called Bloodline. I’ve been binge watching it all weekend. It is very dark and compelling. Kyle Chandler is amazing in it. It’s on Netflix if anyone is interested, Sissy Spacek also stars in the show. She is amazing as usual.

So much television so little time, I mean in life. Most people are going stir crazy not being able to go and do. My life has changed very little. I was a homebody before, I am still a homebody.

I will tell you that I will be going to get my eyebrows done, it is not pretty right now. I bought a foot spa and did my own pedicure for the first time in years. My feet feel better but I am no master with the brush! However my toes look better than they have in a while.

Is there anything you’re looking forward to as we begin the task of getting back to life? Eyebrows are a must, I miss movie theaters and the mall, book stores and shoes. Buying online is not the same as seeing, feeling, purchasing.

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