Goodbye 2021

Christmas has come and gone, the new year is upon us and I find myself not quite ready for this year to end. I know a lot of people don’t feel that way, but this year has brought so much joy into my life.

I have gotten to watch the people in my life grow and welcome others into our circle.

I gained identical twin granddaughters, I got a new son-in-law to be, I watched my bestie grow in her relationship and get married and now I have a new BIL.

I watched my youngest son grow into a protective, loving father, I got to watch my daughter-in-law grow into a loving, caring mother.

I am able to witness my oldest granddaughter grow into an amazingly gifted writer. 

I got to reconnect with my sister, God has indeed been good this year, I find myself loath to say goodbye.

I hear so often when the end of a year is near that people are ready to usher it out, like suddenly the striking of a clock will magically fix all of the wrongs in their life.

I get it, new beginnings and all of that, but what really changes? I have to ask, because nothing in my life has ever magically changed with the ringing of a bell.

My life goes on, for better or worse, it goes on, the only thing that changes is my hair color, the amount of wrinkles I am gaining at an alarming rate. A new year does not guarantee change, only we can do that for ourselves.

I don’t make resolutions I cannot keep, I will continue to do the same things, make the same choices and be true to who I am at my core.

Do I have my own idiosyncratic habits? Yes, I do, which will continue to foster. I will also have my usual 15 bean soup made with the Christmas ham left over. Do I believe it brings good luck? No, but it does give me comfort and makes me happy.

Do any of you have any habits or traditions that make New Years Day a celebration? 

I usually take down the Christmas decorations, make my soup and watch television, or read a book. I do reflect on what I can do to better my relationship with God. How can I exemplify what He has done in my life. Be a better person, help others when I can, learn to cut off toxic people. 

Some people don’t even realize when they are toxic, they lie, they scheme and blame others for their misfortunes in life.

My life has never been easy, some things I had no control over, some things I did have control over. I have made bad decisions, I have made good decisions, I have relied on God and I have relied on self. It goes so much better when I leave God in the equation. 

All in all, my life will not magically change with the striking of the clock, but it will go on.

One Reply to “Goodbye 2021”

  1. So happy it’s been a good year for you my friend! Totally agree with you about the resolutions, it’s ridiculous to think that because it’s a new year my whole way of thinking is magically going to change. Anyway, hope 2022 is just as good to you if not better!

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