Whedon Friday

I want to talk about The Avengers, I know you are all sick of me talking about this movie, but seriously, I need you all to go see it so I can give all kinds of spoilers. I am going to give you all until the end of May, then, all bets are off. I will be spilling all, by then the world should have seen it. So, forewarned you all are. The Avengers holds 17 all time box office records so far. Joss Whedon is brilliance personified.

Today is Friday, I hope Rachel likes her present that I picked out from the Irishman and myself. I like it and would love to own one, so my thought is, if I love it, so will the recipient. I have a great dress to wear, fantastic shoes and I am ready for a party to celebrate something good.

So happy Friday everyone, I hope you have a great weekend, to all of the Mom’s out there happy Mother’s Day.

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