My Geek Marathon Experience

I know yesterday I posted my review of the Avengers movie, today I am going to tell you all of my experience at the movies.

It was a 14 hour marathon of all of the Avenger movies, first up Ironman I moving onto Edward Norton’s Hulk, then Ironman II, Thor, Captain America, culminating with The Avengers. The Irishman was supposed to go with me, but as you all know he has been ill, so I went alone. I could find no one to share the experience with me as it was short notice and it is hard to give up 14 hours of your day to sit in a movie theater.

I was a little nervous about going, I thought the theater would be filled with fanboys, was I ever wrong. It was such a good cross section of people, young, medium and old, there was a grand daughter who had brought her grandmother to the marathon. The girl was about Elizabeth Anne’s age, the grandmother had to be late 60’s early 70’s. She had been reading Captain America since she was a young girl, the granddaughter wanted to share the experience with her grandmother. It was incredibly sweet to see her taking care of her and making sure she enjoyed the experience. There were mothers and daughters and fathers and sons, there were women my age and of course men of all ages.

The crowd was eager, exuberant at times and always respectful, there was never any fear that someone was going to take an empty seat once you got up to use the facilities or get a refill on snacks. There also seemed to be a good combination of Marvel fans and Whedon fans, I saw Darkhorse t-shirts and Marvel t-shirts. When Joss Whedon’s name flashed on the screen the crowd went crazy, it was amazing, I still get goosebumps thinking about it. We did have about 30 minutes between movies to stretch, use the facilities and refill snacks, that was good, sitting for that long would have been incredibly difficult! One really didn’t want to miss any of the movies, even though everyone that was there had seen them about a gazillion times. I know I have, I will be going back to see the Avengers with the Irishman, he wants to see it (of course) and I want to see it with him. Just to let you all know I will go with anyone who wants me to go with them. Just let me know.

I loved the experience, I wish I could have shared it with the Irishman, he was the only thing missing. I know we would have had a blast there together, just a side note, he is doing better and was able to go to work yesterday.

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