Dean Cain Defection?

I have a dilemma, as you all know I own The Avengers movie, if you don’t know that you don’t know me. So anyway, I love Thor, not the actor that plays him in this movie, I love Thor himself. I always have since discovering the Norse mythologies.
Now, I have a working theory, that if I watch The Avengers enough, I will eventually assimilate into the movie itself and become Thor’s new love interest. Don’t want to hear about Natalie Portman, Jess….
Now here is my dilemma, is this cheating on Dean Cain? My love of Thor predates my love for Dean Cain, although my love for Dean has been a little consuming. If I am assimilated into the movie will I lose my knowledge of Dean? Will I no longer be able to watch him on old episodes of Lois and Clark? Will he know I have defected and my affections are elsewhere?
Here is my other challenge; I have to be wearing the right outfit when I am eventually assimilated. I have the right boots; it is just a matter of finding the right outfit to go with said boots as I will be wearing it from that point forward. I don’t see many costume changes in the movie. But here is another thing, should I wait for the next Thor movie to try and insinuate myself into it? There is not a lot of time for romance in this movie, tons of action, yes, romantic pursuits, no. So there you have it, I have many decisions to make regarding Thor and Dean Cain.
You know the funny thing is I have watched Dean Cain in Lois and Clark countless times and I have never been made part of the show. However I have a theory on that as well, since every episode is different there is little time to really incorporate myself into the story line. Since the movie is the same every time I fully believe eventually I will become part of it. I have seen The Avengers a total of 5 times now; I foresee a 6th time on the horizon.
What I am curious about is how many times does it take? Does anyone out there know? Please feel free to share any raw data you might have.
As for my relationship with Dean Cain, well, I still love him, with my whole heart and no matter what universe I end up in, he will always be my main obsession. Still waiting for him to come to town, he is after all in my pre-nup.

2 Replies to “Dean Cain Defection?”

  1. Tell you what. You convince Jane Foster for a few dates with me, and I won’t have to remind you that you have to take her in order to get Thor for yourself.


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