Tuesday in the Drive-Thru

On Tuesday I decided to stop on my way to work for some coffee at McDonalds. So there I went, into the parking lot, mind you I have already had a frustrating morning, there was another car coming the opposite direction. He couldn’t make up his mind, I do the only thing I can, I yell make up your mind and gesture emphatically (a little something for Buffy fans). He gestures for me to go ahead and I do.
I get to the ordering thing and I hear a honk, I thought seriously, you’re now honking at me. I look behind me, nothing, I hear the honk again. He is beside me, I think, this is it, I am going to die, in the drive-thru at McDonalds. Not a particularly elegant way to end, but there you have it.
I roll down my window, he is an older gentleman, he says you look like you’re having a frustrating morning. Not what I expected, stupidly I start to tear up, I said I really am. He said I just want to tell you that your backup light is out on the driver’s side. I thank him, the tears start to fall out and he says are you ok, I say no, I’m really not. He said well you woke up beautiful this morning, you have a really blessed day.
I lost it, I started bawling like a big fat baby, the kindness of this stranger was too much. For those of you who know me well, you know I’m dead inside. I am cold, hard and not a crier. I’m not used to people saying nice things to me in the course of my days.
You see my days are filled with people who scream at me, who curse at me and call me names. Who cut me off, won’t listen, even though they called me for help. I have actually been called the C word, the C word people. For simply asking a customer to verify their account before changing their email password. That was a woman that called me that, by the way.
My days are filled with people telling me I am retarded for not doing what they want. What they want is not possible, or I have to get them to the correct department.
The worst are the I state people, once again, the people that know me well, they know what that means. The women, it’s the women! They will cuss you out faster than you can spit. Its jaw dropping, I want to ask each one of them if they kiss their momma with that mouth.
I am jaded, I have no hope for humanity left, until Tuesday, Tuesday in the drive-thru of a McDonalds gave me hope in humanity again.

Elusive Creature

Yesterday I took Tessa and the Irishman’s girls to lunch and playtime at McDonald’s, fun for them, typically incredibly loud for me. Usually I see parents who do not parent, you know the ones; “little Johnny don’t do that, oh hahaha boys will be boys” I will be honest, I hate passive parents.
I was sitting there, and a woman walked in with her four children, two older boys, a little girl and a baby, they proceeded to have their lunch then the older children ran off to play. When they were done playing they came back to their mother and said they were ready for desert.
The mother sat up a little straighter and proceeded to let the boys know there would be no desert for them, the boy began to speak and she said no, I was very clear before we even got into the car. I said that if you fought in the car on the way over there would be no desert for whoever was fighting. You and your brother went at it like animals, sister did not fight, she is the only one who gets desert. The older of the two boys began to speak, trying to negotiate a desert for himself. Trying to justify the fight, the mother looked him in the eye and said you are not a terrorist, there will be no negotiations, my word is final, perhaps next time you will think twice before fighting. She then made the boys go and purchase the sisters desert. I love this woman, there was no yelling, she was calm, she let them know that she had already told them the consequences of their actions and followed through.
It has renewed my faith in the younger generations ability to parent, I love this woman, I don’t know her, I am not likely to ever lay eyes on her again, however I think she rocks.
Too many times I see parents being lazy regarding their duties as the leaders of their own households, one or more of the children run the household. When did this happen? I was the undisputed leader of my household, the children did not dictate the actions of the household. The parent residing there did, it is unconscionable what is happening in this country. Parents are getting lazy, some not all, as I have witnessed, but when children dictate what they have for meal times, resulting in obese children, children no longer are told to go outside and play they are given controllers to video games. Resulting in lazy, obese children, given soda instead of water, given cookies and candy instead of fruit. Shocking is what it is, however, due to this one woman in McKinney, TX I have hope, I have hope there are others like her out there.
Parents, if your child is running the roost, make some changes, I beg you, for the health of our country, mentally and physically, take control, say no to soda, say no to candy, say no to nothing but junk for the mind and body. Take your children outside, make some hard rules, follow the rules yourself and have some follow through. Stop allowing the terrorist to hold you hostage, no more negotiations, run your households!

Tessa and Semi Rant

I have to tell you, I completely enjoyed having three days off in a row, it was just wonderful. I started with a leisurely Friday, which included picking up Tessa from school, taking her to play at a place called CooCoo’s, the McDonald’s for some chicken nuggets and more play. I dropped off a very tired little girl to her daddy. What fun we had, she is so funny and smart, the things she comes up with are just hysterical.
She said to me, “GiGi, when I grow up I am going to be a queen and live in a castle”, so I said, well you know who the queen is right now don’t you? To which she replied “me”, I had to explain to her that I was indeed the queen for right now as I am the grown up. She was so funny, then I asked if I could come live in her castle with her. She said yes, that everyone could live in her castle, I can only surmise that is a big castle.
A friend of mine said the most profound words to me this weekend, “I have a skewed view of men from watching Jersey Shore.” We were talking about how almost all men today seem to think it is ok to lie and cheat to and on women. It is disgusting, seriously, why do you all think it is ok? Why do you do it without forethought or any guilt? I think the last great men were truly my dad and grandfather, I can only hope I have raised my sons to be different. That it is not ok to lie and cheat your way through life. There are certain expectations one has when entering a relationship, honesty, loyalty and faithfulness are just a few. However these days the only place you find that is with a pet, it is sad that in today’s society there is so little loyalty in the world.
I believe the internet has made it easier to cheat, also places like Twin Peaks has not helped. Women are barely clothed and men think that is normal. It’s not! I say let’s get back to morality, let’s get back to when it was popular to be faithful to ones spouse. This includes women, just say no, come on, you can do it.

Jumpstreet Goodness

Here it is, another Monday for me, I admit I am worn out, yesterday was equal parts stressful, exciting and fun. It was back to the doctor for the Irishman in the AM, still have no definitive answers, but hopefully soon. Then it was taking three little girls for a lunch at McDonalds then on to Jumpstreet, a new place for us. 

Jumpstreet has trampolines built-in the floor of the establishment, it was the best money I have ever spent. I have never seen three little girls more exuberant in their pursuit of happiness. The ran, they jumped, they bounced, they swung into a pit of foam squares, two of them rode a mechanical bull. We went into a maze, they slid down the big slide, which made my stomach hurt to watch, they played on a giant alligator. All in all a very successful outing, next Wednesday will be at the water park. That should be an experience in itself.

Did I mention the purple pancakes for breakfast? Those were interesting, not enough red food coloring to make the red Tess wanted, not enough blue to make real blue, so in the batter they both went. 

Tess did not want to go when her mom came to pick her up, she was having too much fun, she was also incredibly tired. I think the day wore her out as well, all of the good old-fashioned fun left her drained. I am guessing she was asleep before they hit the highway.
Today it is back to work for me, maybe a trip to Starbucks, I don’t know, I am still angry with them so we shall see.
Oh, once again, for anyone who has something to say to me, angie@angieworld.com is a good place to send those emails.

Anger at Starbucks

Yesterday not as bad as what the news sources predicted, as a matter of fact I only know of one person in our office who got a call about the DNS outage. Not too shabby.
Today is my Friday, I am so happy, last week was tough working 5 days in a row, I don’t think I can go back to that. I think I need to stay with the 4 days a week, I seriously don’t notice that the days are 10 hours in length. Maybe because I am getting off at a decent hour, not 11pm at night. I could not do that, I would be asleep under my desk by 10 pm, not good at all. So I will stick with morning start times as long as it is an option for me.
Tessa is coming to spend the night tonight, she is eager to see the Irishman’s girls, she adores them and they have been gone. I promised her as soon as they got back she could come and see them.
Has anyone ever been to a psychic? I want to go and have someone tell me what my future is, that way I can avoid all mistakes. I will know where I am going and how long the journey will be, ok I already know the last part. I don’t think I would like to talk to one of those people that can talk to dead people. That would freak me out, I want to know that my loved ones are in heaven having a great time, not watching what goes on down here. For the most part I think it would make them sad, seeing all of the heartache and the mistakes that we make. I also do not want to think of myself as staying here, I want to know that there is something so amazing on the other side of life. A place where I can eat all of the chocolate I want to without the pesky weight concerns, where there is a Starbucks on every corner, oh wait that part is here, ok, where there is free Starbucks on every corner.
Oh speaking of Starbucks, I am angry with them, I have not gotten the last two free drinks I have earned. I have not received my cards, that is not right, I earned those drinks. I buy a lot from you Starbucks, why have you forsaken me in my time of caffeine need? I don’t understand, we had such a great relationship, we had an understanding. I give you money, you give me caffeine filled coffee treats. I buy so many I get a freebie, it has worked well all this time and now you have abandoned me. I am saddened by this disloyalty and complete disregard for my fragile emotional state. When it comes to you Starbucks I am completely loyal, I could go to the McDonald’s across the way, get coffee, they have a mighty fine cup of Joe over there. But no, I stay loyal, I am just asking for you to stay loyal to me in return.

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