Jumpstreet Goodness

Here it is, another Monday for me, I admit I am worn out, yesterday was equal parts stressful, exciting and fun. It was back to the doctor for the Irishman in the AM, still have no definitive answers, but hopefully soon. Then it was taking three little girls for a lunch at McDonalds then on to Jumpstreet, a new place for us. 

Jumpstreet has trampolines built-in the floor of the establishment, it was the best money I have ever spent. I have never seen three little girls more exuberant in their pursuit of happiness. The ran, they jumped, they bounced, they swung into a pit of foam squares, two of them rode a mechanical bull. We went into a maze, they slid down the big slide, which made my stomach hurt to watch, they played on a giant alligator. All in all a very successful outing, next Wednesday will be at the water park. That should be an experience in itself.

Did I mention the purple pancakes for breakfast? Those were interesting, not enough red food coloring to make the red Tess wanted, not enough blue to make real blue, so in the batter they both went. 

Tess did not want to go when her mom came to pick her up, she was having too much fun, she was also incredibly tired. I think the day wore her out as well, all of the good old-fashioned fun left her drained. I am guessing she was asleep before they hit the highway.
Today it is back to work for me, maybe a trip to Starbucks, I don’t know, I am still angry with them so we shall see.
Oh, once again, for anyone who has something to say to me, angie@angieworld.com is a good place to send those emails.

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