Anger at Starbucks

Yesterday not as bad as what the news sources predicted, as a matter of fact I only know of one person in our office who got a call about the DNS outage. Not too shabby.
Today is my Friday, I am so happy, last week was tough working 5 days in a row, I don’t think I can go back to that. I think I need to stay with the 4 days a week, I seriously don’t notice that the days are 10 hours in length. Maybe because I am getting off at a decent hour, not 11pm at night. I could not do that, I would be asleep under my desk by 10 pm, not good at all. So I will stick with morning start times as long as it is an option for me.
Tessa is coming to spend the night tonight, she is eager to see the Irishman’s girls, she adores them and they have been gone. I promised her as soon as they got back she could come and see them.
Has anyone ever been to a psychic? I want to go and have someone tell me what my future is, that way I can avoid all mistakes. I will know where I am going and how long the journey will be, ok I already know the last part. I don’t think I would like to talk to one of those people that can talk to dead people. That would freak me out, I want to know that my loved ones are in heaven having a great time, not watching what goes on down here. For the most part I think it would make them sad, seeing all of the heartache and the mistakes that we make. I also do not want to think of myself as staying here, I want to know that there is something so amazing on the other side of life. A place where I can eat all of the chocolate I want to without the pesky weight concerns, where there is a Starbucks on every corner, oh wait that part is here, ok, where there is free Starbucks on every corner.
Oh speaking of Starbucks, I am angry with them, I have not gotten the last two free drinks I have earned. I have not received my cards, that is not right, I earned those drinks. I buy a lot from you Starbucks, why have you forsaken me in my time of caffeine need? I don’t understand, we had such a great relationship, we had an understanding. I give you money, you give me caffeine filled coffee treats. I buy so many I get a freebie, it has worked well all this time and now you have abandoned me. I am saddened by this disloyalty and complete disregard for my fragile emotional state. When it comes to you Starbucks I am completely loyal, I could go to the McDonald’s across the way, get coffee, they have a mighty fine cup of Joe over there. But no, I stay loyal, I am just asking for you to stay loyal to me in return.

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