The Rooster Story

Yesterday I went to Bonham to take care of Elizabeth Anne’s animals; she is in California at the moment, so I said of course I will go check on things. Well, Doggie was good, very happy to see me, loved on him, fed him, made sure he had water. Moved on to Mickey, petted him, loved on him, cleaned the litter box, and gave him fresh food and water. Then I moved to the outdoor animals.
First the guineas and chickens in the shed, they all had water and food and looked fine, no issues there. Then, I went to the garage to check on the roosters, major mistake, one rooster is in a cage, he is the one that is a fighter, then there is the other one, he was waiting at the door. We did a dance he wanted to escape I was blocking him, dance to the right, to the left, I think I have him outsmarted, then he ducks out!!!
He went around me so fast, he was out like a shot, of course I wore the wrong shoes, I am chasing this crazy bird all over the farm! Yelling at him, telling him he is headed for the soup pot if he does not get back where he belongs. After 30 minutes of this activity, I go in the house and put on Elizabeth’s rubber boots. I go back out, chase some more, I find a broom, tried herding him back in. No go.
I finally give up and call Elizabeth, I tell her I cannot get the rooster back in, I tell her I am chasing it, she starts laughing; this is not a laughing matter I tell her. Which of course makes her laugh harder, she then tells me to stretch my arms out and sneak up on the bird. I try this, the mules in the pasture are staring at me, I can feel their disdain. I tell Elizabeth I will call her back. I try sneaking up on the rooster, I am yelling at Doggie to help me, he is no help, he is lying down with his head on his paws just watching the events unfold. After 30 minutes of walking around with my arms outstretched trying to sneak up on the rooster I call Elizabeth back. This is not working I tell her. She then tells me to call the rooster, I’m like what, she says to call the rooster. Yell rooster in a nice tone, like I would call a dog, I begin doing this, which sends her into another round of laughter.
She then gives me the real fix, go in the house get some rice krispies and bread, show it to the rooster and have it follow me, and give some to the one in the cage so it will make happy noises, that works, I have finally won!

5 Replies to “The Rooster Story”

  1. 1st Doggie is a SHE not a him….
    2nd I said to call “chicken” (they come running when I say chicken) not “rooster”
    3rd it was so funny I was crying!!! I wish we had cameras out there…..


  2. OMG, hysterical. So flippin’ funny. LOVE it!!

    But just for the record, I don’t do roosters. I don’t care HOW much I love my kids, I would not be chasing a rooster under any circumstances. It would be on its own. So you deserve a gold medal for that one.


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