Another Episode of Does That Make My Dog Crazy

Well, I have a terrific does that make my dog crazy story for you all. This morning, when I woke, Chewie wanted his food, immediately, could not wait. I fed him, then opened the back patio door for him, went back into the bedroom to begin preparations to face my day. Pretty soon Chewie comes in, goes to the door in my bedroom and indicates he wants out, so I open the door and he goes from that door into the open door leading to the dining room. He didn’t want outside he was just too lazy to walk to the bedroom door leading back to the rest of the apartment! He wanted to take the shortcut. So does that make my dog crazy, or clever?
I spent the day with Elizabeth Anne yesterday, I missed Jeffrey, he was busy, I saw Alex of course, he lives with us so he cannot get out of seeing his mother on Mothers Day. It was a good day, Elizabeth and I went to see a movie, Water for Elephants, I highly recommend the movie. Excellent acting, riveting story telling, great writing, all in all a great movie going experience.
Saturday night was spent in the company of my friend Linda and her family minus one, her son Billy had to stay in Tulsa and work. It was so much fun, I have not laughed that much in a long time, it was also the first time the Irishman met them. I think he is a little in love with all of them. He could not say enough good things about them, he did say he could see why Linda and I are such good friends, peas in a pod he called us.
Friday night was date night with the Irishman; we went to see Thor, a movie we have both been wanting to see. I love superhero lore, I think you all know that by now, and Thor is a particular favorite, not only is he a comic book hero, he is a legend in Norse Mythology, double whammy. I loved the movie, it was laced with humor, action and a good storyline, how much more could one ask for? It was good loud fun!
Well I am exhausted and need a nap now; I have a dental appointment this afternoon, perhaps I can sleep while they are replacing my filling.

One Reply to “Another Episode of Does That Make My Dog Crazy”

  1. Yes, Chewie is crazy. He was probably just patrolling the house to make sure everything was fine. Needed to go the entire route.
    Really… that’s not lazy, right?


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