Cooking with Angie

Another day is upon us, a short work week, and it is Freddy’s birthday! Happy Birthday Freddy, we are so happy that you are part of our lives. You are funny, smart and have an amazing heart; I hope your day is filled with happiness and great adventures.
So yesterday I decided I was going to cook something healthy, so I made chicken breasts with rice, asparagus and peas. The peas were for the Irishman, he doesn’t like asparagus. So anyway, the chicken was bland, the rice overcooked and asparagus a little, um, black on parts. The good news is I did not set off the smoke alarms, so yay me! If anyone can tell me how to get the chicken breasts tender I would greatly appreciate it. I have the rice thing figured out, how I overcooked it.
As of yesterday I have lost 7.5 pounds since beginning Weight Watchers, I started working out at the gym on Friday; I worked out Friday, Sunday and Monday. I skipped Saturday as I was chasing Tessa all over the place and that is a workout in itself. I will be going back today, to torture myself some more. I hate working out, people talk about those endorphins that are supposed to kick in. well they never do for me, never have, never will. I have a friend that she and I used to workout together, and they kicked in for her, and you could tell by looking in her eyes. Her eyes would get big and she looked a little high, but it was from the endorphins, and she was all like, let’s work out, it’s fun. And I was all like um no, it is not fun. But it was nice working out with her, we would talk the time away, it just flew by. Going by myself is kinda boring, no one to talk to, so I listen to my IPod on my IPhone, mostly the Bay City Rollers and Britney Spears, don’t judge.
I figure is muscle memory is not a myth it will take no time at all to look halfway decent. Well that’s all I got today folks, remember to send your chicken breast secrets to me!

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