More New Jersey Drama!

As I watched the Real Housewives of New Jersey this week I could not help but think we are watching a woman implode from all of her pressures. Of course I am talking about Teresa Giudice of course. At first glance, if you have not watched the previous 2 seasons, you just think this woman is just a raving lunatic. But having watched the previous seasons I was left wondering why is her brother so hateful towards her? Does he not realize the pressures his sister is facing? Of course we don’t know the back story here, perhaps he is hurt that she did not come to him for brotherly advice and comfort when she started learning about the financial woes of her family, perhaps he tried to reach out to her and in her shock she pushed him away. Embarrassed for her younger brother to see what can be perceived as failure. We don’t know all I know is that I see two people in an inordinate amount of pain and lashing out at each other. On to Melissa, Joey’s wife, Teresa’s sister-in-law, the previous two episodes left me really not liking her, especially when she allowed Kim G to trash Teresa, she did not participate, but she did not stop it. She should have, she should have told Kim G that Teresa is her family and she is not allowed to say bad things in front of her. This week Melissa actually began redeeming herself, she encouraged Joey to contact his sister and to put this feud to rest. They are family, family is forever. She earned a little respect there.
Still love Caroline, man she just does not put up with any nonsense and good for her! I have one question what is wrong with that Kathy woman? She seriously is inappropriate on a lot of levels, confronting Teresa at a fashion show, going to Caroline’s house when she doesn’t know Caroline. Met her once! Seriously, Kathy, pay for some common sense, you will not be sorry!
Well I am on week 2 of Weight Watchers; it is getting a little easier, staying away from the puffy cheetos and sour skittles. Although I miss my old friends greatly, I don’t know when the missing stops. Is there anyone else out there addicted to junk food? Anyone else having withdrawals? Hopefully after this week it will be better. I have gone back to the gym; I was there Friday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I will be there today as well. I hate the gym, I think we all know that, it is my nemesis; today I face my mortal enemy, the stair master. Wish me luck!

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