Sad Belly Buttons and Great Outfits

Well yesterday I did it; I faced my worst enemy, the stair machine at 24 Hour Fitness. The last time we had faced off was years ago, I conquered him then and I shall again. The last time I started using the machine I was able to go 3 minutes and worked my way up to 30. This time around, I was able to go 6 minutes, and I will work my way up to 30. I am aiming for 10 minutes on the beast today. The cravings are subsiding, I have not had diet coke since Sunday and am cutting back on the coffee, instead of a pot every morning, I am having half a pot before leaving for work. I have cut back gradually; however, I can assure you on weekends the whole pot will be missing. I have also cut back on Starbucks, which is killing me, not just missing the coffee treats, but the whole experience of going there. The overwhelming aroma of the coffee, the smiling faces all of it. I miss it; however I cannot control my reactions right now, so I will continue to stay away until I can.
My goal is to look halfway decent, I will never have a flat stomach again, unless I go under the knife. 4 C-sections have seen to that. Once that muscle is cut there is no amount of exercise that will get it back to what it was. If I had given birth naturally I might have a chance, but nope, no chance at all. Like Jacqueline on RHNJ my belly button is sad. Only a doctor can make it happy again.
Yesterday was a great outfit day; I wore my new blue polka dot Calvin Klein sundress with a cute shrug and my blue suede Steve Madden pumps. I have to admit, I looked really good, although, losing weight will make the dress not fit properly, even yesterday it was loose where it should not have been and was not when I originally bought it. So, yay me!
June is upon us; tomorrow would have been my dad’s 100th birthday, so expect a huge write up for him. I am working it out now. I want it to be a fitting tribute to a truly great man.

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