Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my Dad’s Birthday, he would be 100, he was born in 1911, he took the journey home in 1993, and I still miss him. On this day I would like to share all of the things I learned from him.
I learned how to laugh, my dad was a funny man, he always said it was better to laugh than to cry, he could find the humor in almost any situation. He taught me how to look at life with humor and not to take myself so seriously. He taught me loyalty, if you believe in something, stick with it, don’t give up, fight to the physical or metaphorical death. He raised me in a Christian home where morals and values where prized above all else. If you can’t do it in an honest way, don’t do it at all, if what you are doing harms others, stop it. Simple rules really, but ones that don’t seem to be taught anymore.
My dad was a visionary, he taught me to trust what God was trying to tell you, I remember when the church that he and my mom had started, First Freewill Baptist Church of Owasso, was ready to expand. They bought the land, then they had a deacons meeting to decide how big to build the church, how many should they plan on seating. My dad said without blinking an eye, one thousand, everyone laughed nervously, then realized for once Foy was not joking. You see God had given him a vision for that church, he was determined to see it through. He knew then that his body was preparing for him to go home; he would not be there to see the new church built. But God had given him one last vision for the church he had worked so hard for. At that time maybe 150 people were coming to service regularly, so you can see why the rest of the deacon board and the minister were hesitant.
Well they did not build that new church to seat 1000, instead they planned on 300, the day they opened the doors to the new church sanctuary they had to add a service because they didn’t have room for all of the worshipers. My dad didn’t live to see that his vision was indeed from God, but everyone else saw it and smiled. They should have trusted Foy. I know without a doubt that when he arrived before God that He allowed my dad to see what would happen with the future of that church and it was good.
One cannot talk about my dad of course without talking about my mom; theirs was a true love match. They were incredibly romantic with one another, small things, her baking his favorite cake, or having his favorite cheese in the refrigerator. Every night they read the bible to each other, I have never witnessed a more intimate act between two lovers. You could tell their faith brought them closer and closer together every day, and they were married for 58 years before my dad passed away.
My dad taught me so much, humor, compassion, how to argue and win, how to drive, how to carry a rifle, how to see the world in a positive way. I will always love you dad, I will always remember you and tell your stories to my children and grand children and beyond, I will continue to do my best to instill your values in future generations. Happy Birthday Dad!

4 Replies to “Happy Birthday Dad!”

  1. He sounds like a wonderful man, Angie. I’m glad you have such happy memories to remember him by. Happy Birthday, Mr. Foy!!


    1. I most certainly do know how to hold a rifle, you do realize there is a lot about me you do not know. You are right about me not knowing how to shoot one! He could never get that across no matter how hard he tried!


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