Bad Movie Night

Well it is official, I have a summer cold, or sinus infection, I can’t decide which. I know that I am sneezy, congested and headachy. I am going to the gym today and see if I can sweat it out. The stair machine makes me sweat like I don’t know what. I may even go in the sauna; see if that will do it. I know I don’t like feeling this way.
This morning was my weigh in, I lost more weight, very happy about that, I have been eating much better, my clothes are beginning to feel better and I am wearing a pair of jeans today that I will not be able to wear much longer. Let us all do the dance of joy.
This is how bad I feel, last night, the worst sequel on the face of the planet was on the television when I turned it on and I did not have the strength to change the channel. Sex and the City 2, so painfully bad, even the costuming was bad, almost every outfit they put Samantha in was hideous, that red dress with the silver spike things on the shoulders, seriously. What was that? And I know Samantha’s character is over the top, however, the blatant disrespect they had her show for a culture was just unbelievable, literally. I don’t care who you are, you know when you go to the Middle East, and you behave in a certain way because they do not make allowances that you are American.
We want people to behave like us when they come here, and I agree with that, however, when we go to other countries we should be respectful of their customs as well. If I ever get to go to a country where the women dress more modestly, then yes, I will buy a few scarves and shawls and cover myself when appropriate. One does not travel to offend, rather one travels to become educated and yes to have fun, however you can do neither of those things if you are sitting in a foreign jail cell.
Anyway there was so much wrong with that movie I can’t even begin to recount them all here, every time Sarah Jessica Parker talks about making a 3rd I cringe. I loved the series so much and the first film was greatness, please ladies, leave us to our memories. We will forget the SatC 2 and move on.

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