Joey Gorga

Let’s discuss Real Housewives of New Jersey, more specifically Joey Gorga, I love this man. He is filling a void that was left when Joey Tribianni left the airwaves. This is a man that you just want to look in his eyes and say the words you’re so pretty to. He is so good looking it makes your teeth hurt, he is so oblivious to everything that goes on around him it gets you misty eyed thinking he could have been on the cast of friends. He could literally be a brother to Joey Tribianni, the resemblances are not just physical, it is in the way he dresses, the way he talks, the way he moves. I seriously think he should sue Friends for stealing his persona!
What can I say about this man, he is so very loyal to his wife, it is so obvious when he looks at her he loves her beyond anything. He has the most beautiful children I have ever seen; in fact all of the children on this show are unbelievably beautiful. Are they all like that in Jersey? Joey Gorga shirtless? I do believe in those scenes the heavens open up and the angels sing.
Let’s talk about his unbridled happiness when he gets to dress in women’s clothing, first it was Halloween, he looked so at home in his Snooki costume, then the very special Blossom issue, I mean Christmas episode. Someone dares Joey to put on Jacqueline’s sequined jumpsuit, he just looks so happy at the thought! Of course he jumps at it, and rushes off to put Jacqueline’s clothes on. He walks in the room just glowing; he looked like he had found his calling. I hope they show more of Joey Gorga, he rocks that show this season.

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