What I Miss About Owasso, Oklahoma

When I am completely stressed out by situations I can’t control I retreat to a world in which I had no responsibilities, no worries and very few serious thoughts. I retreat to Owasso, Oklahoma, in the summer time I especially become nostalgic for things I miss. So, I am going to tell you all of the things I miss about Owasso.
I miss laying out for 4 hours a day with my best friend Tammi watching our soaps, getting the best tan in the world. I miss spending hours figuring out the perfect makeup, the perfect hair and getting dressed to go to the Skate Ranch. I miss lying in my bed reading Tiger Beat, listening to the Bay City Rollers and singing every song at the top of my lungs. I miss going to the pond and swimming, I miss going to the creek and doing absolutely nothing. I miss staying up all night and reading, then being able to function the next day.
I miss my mom’s cooking, I really miss her hot chocolate, I don’t know how she made it but it was amazing, made with real milk and real cocoa and real sugar. Nothing artificial, just amazing, calorie loaded goodness. I miss homemade ice cream, working in the garden, fried green tomatoes and eating strawberries freshly picked.
I miss spending all day with my best friend, then hours on the phone with her. I miss the Tastee Freeze, across from the old football field. It is no longer there, I don’t know what went up in its place, but they took away an iconic treat for the children of today.
I miss going to church at the First Freewill Baptist Church in Owasso, Oklahoma, I miss going to Six Flags with the youth group every summer. I miss hearing Brother Pirtle preach, and I miss stopping at the store for a Sunday paper and bubble gum (paper for my dad, gum for me).
These are the things that I think about when I am completely stressed out by things I can’t control in this life, I long for a simpler time, a time when I was unencumbered by the everyday life of an adult. I am sure my parents were stressed, however they never showed it. I miss you Owasso, I hope that you are sharing your simple treasures with the children that are growing up there now.

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