The Open Road

I hate driving slow and I hate slow drivers, especially at 4:30 in the morning, what were all those people doing on the road this morning? I promise you I have never seen so many people on the road, it begs the question what were they doing there. Were thy just coming home from being out all night? Were they going to work? What? And let me tell you, they all need to learn to drive, how on earth are you going to get on a major freeway and not do at least the speed limit? Ok I admit I am a fast driver, I like driving 80 to 90 MPH, however, the speed limit is 60 or 70 depending on where you are at, and I believe people should at least drive the speed limit. If you are not going to do this, get off the road. You are driving me crazy. That is never a good thing.
I have had a life long love of cars, I believe I can blame this on genetics, my grandfather was a mechanic, my father was a mechanic, I married a mechanic (the first time around) and all of my nephews and cousins were always working on their cars. I love American muscle cars; I want one so bad I can taste it.
There is a specific car I want, I want, desire, must have a 1964 and a half Ford Mustang, I have a specific paint job in mind as well. I want 3 coats of red then 3 coats of candy apple on it, and I don’t want an orange based red, I want a blue based red. I want a deep, deep lipstick red, with the candy apple coating, can you imagine? My head is light just thinking about it. I want camel color leather interior, shifter on the floor not the column, straight 8, the only concession I would want to modern times is the stereo, that is it, I don’t think I could live with AM radio the rest of my days.
I would also love a 1964 Ford Falcon, I love those cars, my grandfather had one and it was fantastic. I am enamored with cars, I always have been, enamored with speed, it is freeing flying down the highway, nothing in front of you, nothing behind you. Just the freedom of the drive, a time where you can put in the greatest driving songs on the planet and just floor it, open up the carburetor and go! Try it today, you will thank me tomorrow.

3 Replies to “The Open Road”

  1. They were coming back from the first showings of Harry Potter. And they had been up all day. Though highly annoying, it was likely a good idea they were driving slow. Their reactions times were probably horrible.


    1. I stand corrected, Ford did not use straight 8’s in their entry cars. although, I really want one in the mustang I want, so therefore I will have one installed.


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