Pool Time

Parts of my weekend were great, parts were ok and parts drove me crazy, and not in the good way. I had the Irishman pick his girls up from Summer Care Friday so I could run all of my errands and not have to drag them around Saturday. Saturday morning I was able to take them to the pool for a good long time, where they proceeded to wear me out, which is a good thing. They did not see but we interrupted a make out session between a one armed 70 year old man with a 20 something two armed girl. I know all the men are saying good for him, but I am here to tell you he was no Hugh Heffner. They soon left when they realized we were a noisy group, and then another family came with kids the same age as the girls, so a good time was had by all.
Then it was back to the apartment for showers and lunch, and then Jeffrey called and said he was on his way to get Tess and did I want to come over. So of course I said yes, took the girls to play with Tessa and had a great visit with my son. He now has me addicted to a new show, Swamp People, wow, the men who hunt those Gators, just incredible, brave, loyal, and fearless. I just cannot say enough, I was getting nervous for them in some situations.
Sunday the Irishman’s children’s mother wanted them so he took them over to her and he and I had a quiet afternoon. It was nice. Today is back to the grindstone, I look forward to helping people all week.

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