I have serious addiction issues, I am going to list my addictions here and I would love feedback, I want to know if everyone thinks I am as crazy as I think I am.
1. Television
2. Chocolate
3. Popcorn
4. Taco Bueno
5. Mexican food
6. Watermelon
7. Facebook
8. Smurfs game
9. Sleep
10. Diet Coke
11. Boy Bands
12. Blueberry Tea
13. Coffee
14. Coffee Treats
15. Starbucks
16. Iphone
17. Email
18. Ipad
19. Candy
20. Soap Operas
21. Being thin
22. Sour Skittles
Those are just a few addictions I have. Please tell me yours.

2 Replies to “Addictions”

  1. OK… first of all, you are just trying to brag by padding your list. Taco Bueno/Mexican food are *almost* the same thing. Same thing with Coffee/Coffee Treats/Starbucks (and maybe Blueberry Tea, but I am willing to give that one to you). Same thing with Candy/Sour Skittles.

    But to answer the explicit question and what you are *really* looking for… yes, you are crazy. And since I will probably bear a large portion of your… grumpiness… if you go on withdrawl from any of these, feel free to continue your craziness as long as you wish!


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