Privacy and Security

At work I am on a new team, well sort of, I still have the same manager, however, all new people. I am the only one from her previous team that followed her to the new team. We had our first team meeting yesterday, and what a pleasant one it was. The team is made up mainly of women, and we have all been with the company in other areas, not just this one. We are also a more mature set, all within 10 years of each other. We all bring experience and knowledge and none are shy about sharing. All are respectful and show a tendency towards insightfulness. I loved it, one of the best team meetings I have been to in a long time. I look forward to working with this group.
Yesterday I had one of the creepiest things happen to me in a long time; a man contacted me on Facebook and wanted to know if I wanted to chat with him. Now I don’t know this man, have never heard of him and his not friends with any of my friends. I asked him if I knew him, huge possibility we had gone to school together and I had forgotten him, he said no, he saw my profile and picture and I was cute. I thought I had all of my privacy settings very strict, well apparently with each change FB made the system degraded my privacy settings. I was nice to him, I told him while I was flattered he found me attractive enough to contact, I was in a committed relationship and he would need to find someone else to chat with.
I want this to be a warning, go check your privacy settings today on Facebook!

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