I think about the afterlife a lot, I seem to be surrounded by death, I grew up going to funerals. Uncles, Aunts, Great-Uncles and Great-Aunts, my Grandfather. Then later my son, grandmother and parents. I wish that death would take a break with me, losing Sandi last year was unbelievably hard, there are times I can actually hear her voice. Angela, that is what she would call me most of the time, she would say it with a certain tone. I can’t even explain it, just know there are times I can hear her say my name as clear as day.
I still miss her so much, I could use someone to tell me what to do right about now, I find myself in a situation where I am unable to make decisions like I should. I hate that, I have never been that way.
For those of you who may be new readers, I shall give you an abreviated story of me:
I was married young, we had four children, one of whom passed away, and then 10 years later he decided he liked blonds better than brunettes. So off he went, I raised my 3 children, I went to college for two years, worked 2 jobs, then got the job with a major telecommunications corporation.
I spent all of my time with my children, running them here and there, on the weekends they were with their dad, well there were still baseball games, dance recitals, soccer games and of course later FFA type things. There was never time for anything else, I honestly don’t know how single mothers find the time to meet men. Anyway, 14 years later, I met someone and we started dating, we have been together 3 years and 8 months. So if you can do the math, more power to you. We did break up once, well, I broke up with him, for one week, maybe it was a week and a half. We are engaged now, since December 2009, we began dating in December 2007.
there is an abrievated story of my adult life.

oh and my children, they are amazing, all of them!

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